We are thrilled to share the following Congratulatory messages from Pam Damoff, Member of Parliament for Oakville North—Burlington, Anita Anand, Member of Parliament for Oakville, Stephen Crawford, Member of Provincial Parliament, Oakville, and Oakville Mayor Rob Burton.

The letters emphasize the importance of art and community, values that are dear to us. We encourage you to download the letters using the buttons further down this page.

"It is a testament to the festival that they have been able to create an inclusive community where the focus is on the personal growth of the musicians as opposed to placing first, second or third. A former participant described their experience at the OVAF by saying, “I got to sing with joy from my heart instead of worrying about whether I would win or not.”

"The Oakville Vocal Arts Festival exemplifies the very best in our musical community by allowing young vocalists to hone their skills in the company of other performers without the accompanying concern that a competitive environment brings. This positive approach to performing underscores the fact that we are so fortunate to have such an organization in our midst.”

"This festival offers a special opportunity for singers to share their love of music and reflect the spirit of our community. Oakville has a vibrant arts community comprised of many talented singers of whom we are immensely proud.”

"Now in its fourth year, this flourishing music festival was founded by a group of dedicated Oakville singing teachers who wanted to bring the music home to Oakville, which hadn’t had such an event in more than 50 years.”