Parent’s Community Spirit Awards Nomination

Since its inception, the Oakville Vocal Arts Festival (OVAF) has been dedicated to celebrating the joy of singing. The festival is unique in that participants have their performances adjudicated by world-class professionals; however the focus is on the growth of the individual, not on awards. In this non-competitive environment, I have seen young singers cheered … Read More

Natasha, Festival Participant

The Oakville Vocal Arts Festival is one of my favourite festivals to participate in. I really enjoy getting the opportunity to perform and to get feedback from an adjudicator without feeling pressure to get first, second, or third. Having a non-competitive festival really changes the overall atmosphere of the performance room. I find that everyone … Read More

Monette Gould, Adjudicator

This festival has to be one of the strongest festival I have ever adjudicated. The teaching and performing is at a very high level. Adjudicating the entire festival by just having to give a standing of bronze, silver or gold makes it so much easier for the adjudicator when you hear so many beautiful voices … Read More

12-Year-Old Participant, 2015

I got to sing with joy from my heart instead of worrying about whether I would win or not. It was a lot less stressful.

Ann, Parent

Our children have participated in numerous festivals over the past 10 years. By far, the best experience we have ever had, was this past year in the Oakville Vocal Arts Festival. It was easy to register, the venues were great and the adjudicator was terrific. But for us, the best part was the experience for … Read More

Marie Baron, Adjudicator

Adjudicating the first Oakville Arts Festival was an absolute delight! The focus on creating an encouraging and supportive environment with emphasis on non-competitive performance made it a joyful, educational experience. Integrating workshops into the festival helped clarify and support the feedback given to each student. Bravo to all those who contributed to the creation of … Read More

Irene Ilic, Adjudicator

Thank you again for a wonderful experience in Oakville. Your first festival was a big success – congratulations to all who were involved. This event was so well organized and well run and fostered an atmosphere of friendly encouragement among the singers and strong support from the wonderful teachers and accompanists too. You deserve big … Read More