Marnie Kersten

Artistic Director

Marnie KerstenMarnie Kersten is a voice teacher with a thriving private studio in Oakville, Ontario. Marnie also teaches at Sheridan College and the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts. In addition to her teaching, Marnie has performed in shows across Canada.

Marnie has also taught classes and workshops at the Oakville Academy for the Arts, Ovation Performing Arts, Appleby College and the Stirling Festival Theatre.

Her students range anywhere from beginners to professionals, children to adults. Marnie provides a foundation in good classical technique while applying it and adapting it to various styles such as musical theatre, pop & jazz.

Marnie's most recent performance was in the role of Edwin Drood in the Confidential Musical Theatre Project's production of The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

Visit Marnie's website for more information.